Tired of allergies?

At Fire & Water Holistic Health, I can help you feel better without medications.

Allergies make things that should be fun (spring time, beautiful flowers on trees & plants, fresh-cut grass, changing leaves in the fall, furry friends…) and makes them a source of misery.

  • sneezing
  • itchy & watery eyes
  • runny nose
  • congestion
  • headaches and sinus pain
  • post nasal drip
  • fatigue
  • fuzzy-headedness

Instead of just trying to juggle managing symptoms with medications and dealing with side effects, get your allergies really under control with holistic care that addresses the root issue: immune imbalance.

Acupuncture has been shown to be more effective than than anti-histamines, with reasearchers from a study in Germany saying:

“symptoms decreased significantly in the acupuncture group compared with the other study

Acupuncture naturally helps regulate the immune system, relieving symptoms, reducing the need for medication, and getting you back to what you enjoy.

“After moving to Virginia my allergies got progressively worse every year. I started acupuncture to address other health concerns, but I noticed that my allergy symptoms eased dramatically after I started getting treatments from Alex . Now I don’t know how I would survive the spring without her and am so relieved to not have to depend on medication with yucky side effects to get by. Which is good because now I’m pregnant so I couldn’t take medication if I wanted to! I highly recommend Alex’s acupuncture treatments to anyone who struggles with seasonal allergies.”

– AB

Make a change to feel better.

Got a few more questions? Here’s the process:

  1. Schedule your Free Phone Consult or Acupuncture Appointment (above!)
  2. Speak with with me, Alex. I’m a board certified herbalist and acupuncturist, with masters-level and post-graduate training in holistic treatments for allergies.
  3. After going over your health history and finding out more about your situation, we will come up with a plan. Maybe thats acupuncture – but maybe it isn’t and I will let you know at that first appointment. No charge. During the first treatment, I will also go over scheduling, how long it will take, what to expect, review prices, and answer all your questions.
  4. The next day, I will follow up with a Treatment Plan tailored for your healing and some suggestions on what may get you feeling better, faster.

What makes this different than the other things you’ve tried?

At Fire and Water, I treat you as a whole person, not just a chief complaint, and I always keeping your overall wellbeing in mind. I support your goals and work with you to make the changes to stay symptom-free long after the acupuncture session is over. These holistic techniques are time-tested and I blend a combination of modern research and thousands of years of history to achieve the absolute best results. Fire and Water is an inclusive, safe environment for people from all backgrounds. This is a patient-lead, harm-reduction clinic. I am an ally for our LGBTQ+ neighbors and want to make safe, effective healthcare available to everyone.  I are here to support you to live the life you want and give you the tools to stay as your best self.

* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors.

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