Services & Fees

Community Acupuncture

Initial: Sliding scale $30-$55 at Roanoke Community Acupuncture/$45 flat treatment cost at Queenpin Family Wellness. Allow an hour and half for the first visit.

Follow up: Sliding scale $20 – $45; pay what makes sense for you! Follow up visits will be an hour.


Private Acupuncture*

Initial: $80. Allow an hour and half for the first visit.

Follow up: $65 and will be an hour.


Herbal Consults*

Initial:  $45 + the cost of herbs (average of $35 a week). Allow 45 minutes for the first visit.

Follow up: $35 + the cost of herbs, and will take 30 minutes.



Add a herbal consult to any acupuncture visit for $15 + the cost of herbs.

*Only available at Queen Pin Family Wellness at The Haven on 5th.


Cancellations/Missed Appointments: Both locations have a 24-hr cancellation policy and an associated fee for appointments that are cancelled last-minute or missed appointments.  This is our best compromise at respecting the time and effort of both the patients and practitioners. 

Insurance: To keep costs down, we do not accept insurance (and most insurance does not cover community acupuncture or herbal consults). Your flexible spending account/health savings account (FSA/HSA) may cover these treatments – check with your health insurance provider! I can also provide super-bills for private acupuncture treatments to apply for reimbursement.

Check out What to Expect & FAQ for more information on these services!

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