Practice for Sale

The Story

This has been my part-time, satellite practice since 2018. I had patients driving the hour from Lexington to Roanoke, where I live, and with some encouragement from my boss, I took over a space offering private acupuncture, one afternoon a week.

It’s cute here, like storybook cute. It was always a pleasant part of my week. Word of mouth kept me busy (I was the only practitioner within 45 min – it’s good being the only game in-town!) and I had a great patient-base.

January of 2021, I moved locations and began offering community acupuncture, which continues to grow. April of 2021, I added a second day of practice and watched those appointments fill up too.

Then, out of left field came an opportunity I couldn’t pass up: working in the growing Community Health department at the VA Dept of Health. It’s a full time position and it meant this little part-time love of mine had to close. I am looking for another acupuncturist to take over the practice. There are needles in the bins. Sheets on the shelf. Patients waiting to schedule.

The Details

The Area: Lovely Lexington, VA in the Shenandoah Valley. Two colleges are in town: Virginia Military Institute & Washington and Lee, a small private university. Easy access to all things outdoors: hiking, kayaking the James River, camping in Shenandoah National Park, gardens and nature preserves. Good food. Nice people. High quality of life with an easy price-point.

Economically diverse area, with young folks in for the college, young professionals, families who enjoy the small-town-feel, and plenty of retirees enjoying the quiet and community-feel. Lately has seen an even bigger influx of people moving out of urban areas. I have seen more patients who were used to getting acupuncture in NY, on the West coast, etc and are now looking for someone locally.

Space: Monthly rental from Center of Gravity Yoga and Pilates, on the main street of town. Scroll down to see the three video tours. The clinic is surrounded by restaurants, shops, boutiques, salons, etc. Free street or lot parking across the street. Beautiful second floor space with delightful landlords and easy referrals between yoga, pilates, and acupuncture.

One private room & yoga studio used for community acupuncture.

Current Schedule: 2 afternoons/ week – averaging 14 patients a week. Room to expand.

Money: On track to turn $31,000 net income for the year, seeing patients about 12hrs/week.

*Competition: None. The closest acupuncturist is 45 min away; most are 1+hrs out. *

Marketing: Created and ran GoogleAds for 1 month and stopped because my schedule filled up and current patients were having trouble booking. Otherwise, purely word-of-mouth.

A few ideas that would make a huge impact: get a booth at the Farmers Market on Wednesdays, contact either of the colleges about staff wellness initiatives/newsletters, put a sign on the door to catch ample foot-traffic, have a professional update the website, put an ad in the newspaper (it’s old-school here).

The Practice

This works great as a part-time practice, and absolutely has the potential for full-time. It could be good fit for a lot folks: New practitioners who want a head start. Existing clinicians looking to have a part-time office elsewhere. Experienced practitioners looking to start fresh in a lovely location, with no hassle (or competition). Maybe you!

Purchase Levels:

  1. Clinic supplies & equipment, taking over the rental – $1,035 (including first month’s rent.)
  2. 60+ active patient files (all within the last year) and contact information – $950
  3. The business: business name & logo, email, website & Google Ads, Mailchimp templates and mailing list, all social media accounts, Square, Google Drive with handouts, treatment plan templates, etc., and Google voice number – $1,600

Whole Practice: $3,585.00 OBO

Bonus: Retail goods at a discount.

All levels are negotiable and can be combined however works best. Financial & Inventory documents available for serious inquiries.

Email fireandwaterholistichealth(at)gmail(dot)com. Call or text 540-384-0580

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