Vaccine Recovery Kits

It’s finally happening! Everyone is getting their jabs. The good and bad part is, that means some side effects. When our immune systems kick into gear, we notice it.

  • Sore Throat
  • Fever / Chills
  • Runny nose
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

The vaccine is no different. But thank goodness it’s not the full deal of a COVID-19 infection which can have long-term health complications. Just to make life a tiny bit easier, I came up with a Vaccine Recovery Kit.

This kit features my favorite ingredients for bouncing back quickly:

  1. Dit Da Jow Roller to your apply to your shoulder immediately afterwards, continuing 2-3x daily until soreness is gone. This topical is an extraction of herbs that are great for reducing inflammation and pain, and increasing circulation. (Also great for bruises, sprains, and strains)
  2. Tulsi & Ginger Tea. Ginger supports immune function and soothes any upset tummy issues. Drink with a bit of honey while you’re taking some down-time after your appointment.
  3. Bupleurum & Cinnamon Herbal Tincture starting the day of your appointment [more info for my herb nerds HERE and ingredients below]. Take 2 droppers 3x daily for 3 days. It can be squirted directly under your tongue or into a liquid and drunk. (This formula can be used for sore throats, and cold & flu symptoms in the future!)

Pick-up a kit for $25 and the tincture and roller will last you through both doses, if you’re getting Pfizer or Moderna.

This is a great way to get all the benefits of the vaccine without feeling severely cruddy afterwards. You may still experience some mild symptoms, but that’s okay! That’s your fabulous immune system doing its job. If you have any questions about the Kit, get in touch at the contact info below. If you’ve got vaccine questions, your MD can help you out.

And if you haven’t registered yet, hop on over to Vaccinate Virginia to get on the list!

  • Tincture Ingredients:
    • Filtered water, ethyl alcohol (20%) and a blend of the following dry herbs decocted at a 1:1 ratio
      • Bupleurum root • Chai Hu (24.2%)
      • Cinnamon twig • Gui Zhi (9.1%)
      • Scutellaria root • Huang Qin (9.1%)
      • Ginseng root • Ren Shen (9.1%)
      • Pinellia rhizome • Ban Xia (12.1%)
      • White Peony root • Bai Shao (9.1%)
      • Ginger fresh root • Sheng Jiang (9.1%)
      • Jujube fruit • Hong Zao (9.1%)
      • Licorice raw • Gan Cao (9.1%)

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