Foot Soak Happy Hour!

I’ve got a new (old) way to take your herbs that is much less yucky and much more soothing: foot soaks.  Foot soaks have been used traditionally for a long time as a way to boost your health and as an easy, pleasant way to utilize the healing properties of plants.  I’ve been super impressed with a line of Tibetan Foot Soaks that we have started using at Queenpin Family Wellness.   They are basically extra large tea bags, filled with crushed herbs (to be discussed later) that you steep to make a foot soak.  The process is easy and relaxing and I’m finding the results to be great.  We even had a trial run of our new Foot Soak Happy Hour, where we had snacks, laughs, and relaxed while letting the herbs and warm water work their magic!



The soaks are indicated for relieving pain, improving circulation,  reducing stress/anxiety, healing old injuries, reducing scarring, and nerve dysfunction. I’ve been using them to relieve a sore back after leaning over patients after a long week.  Like all holistic care, their results are cumulative and it works best using them a few days in a row for more acute or serious issues.



The herbs can be grouped into a few big categories:

Improving circulation: Sanguisorbae root & Mugwort

Reducing Pain: Tibetan Acori Calami & Noptergium incisium root

Boosting mood: Tibetan Saffron

Improving fluid metabolism: Ginger & Saphora root

And the soaks include salts, like epsom salts, that relieve pain, and improve muscle health.

If you’re curious to know more, this podcast has so much information about the mechanisms and research behind the soaks:


Starting next month, March 28th, we are hosting a Foot Soak Happy Hour the last Wednesday of the month from 5:30pm – 6:30pm in our comfortable community acupuncture room.  We will have snacks, tea, wine and (most importantly) soaks waiting to get you through the week!  Tickets are $35 and spaces are limited.  RSVP and purchase your tickets here:

See you there!

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